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Re: [patch, libgfortran][4.3 regression] PR32554 Bug in P formatting

Janne Blomqvist wrote:
Jerry DeLisle wrote:
:ADDPATCH fortran:

Hi all,

The initial problem here is that gfortran was truncating by one with snprintf and overflowing the buffer by one with sprintf. Surprising we were not getting an error before enabling snprintf. Using snprintf uncovered this latent bug.

Investigating further I found that the problem could be avoided by adjusting the calculation of the the number of digits, ndigits. I simply reduced this by one. However, examining the buffer after the calls to snprintf showed that the width was varying because the number of exponent digits, edigits, varied.

Exploring this, I tried fixing the size of edigits to see what happens. I discovered that edigits does not need to be calculated at all. If it is set to the largest expected size (4) snprintf (and sprintf) conveniently pads blanks at the end anyway. (The exponent is read back in downstream by atoi)

The result is seriously simplified code which should yield better performance.

Regression tested on x86-64-pc-Gnu/Linux.

Also NIST tested.

NOTE: I tested with sprintf and snprintf on my system by commenting out the conditional compiles to make sure both work OK.

I would prefer testing on other platforms such as Darwin. I will test on freebsd tonight.

OK for trunk?


We should probably back port this to 4.2 (though it does not
manifest) since it is a buffer overrun issue.

Yes. Though I suggest you wait a week or two, in case some obscure bug pops up due to this fix.

Incidentally, doing some additional experimentation with test cases I have been able to induce a segfault that this patch prevents. I will add that to the test suite when I get a chance.


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