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Re: [patch, fortran] RFC: Renaming 'enum gfc_generic_isym_id'

Daniel Franke wrote:
See also:

 (1) rename 'enum gfc_generic_isym_id' to 'enum> gfc_isym_id'
 (2) add missing intrinsics to 'enum gfc_isym_id'
 (3) add an additional 'id' argument to 'add_sym_[012345][s]'
 (4) change all callers, add the corresponding 'gfc_isym_id'
 (5) rename member 'generic_id' in 'struct gfc_intrinsic_sym' to 'id'
 (6) change all callers

I'll go ahead and prepare a patch following the outline given above. A
patch tells more than vague descriptions.

With attached patch, any intrinsic---functions and subroutines alike---becomes easily identifyable by its isym->id (modulo specific names as ABS and ZABS).

Currently all subroutine calls, including intrinsic subroutines, are translated via gfc_trans_call(). There are two reasons to splice off the translation of intrinsic subroutines from gfc_trans_call():

(a) manually translate subroutines with INTENT(out) arguments to ...
(b) cast the input/output before/after the corresponding library call to get rid of duplicate implementations with different types.

For this, I have a patch in-the-works that fixes wrong-code PR29651, but it lacks the framework to identify the intrinsic called. The resolved_symbol in 'code' does not help and up until now isym->generic_id equals GFC_ISYM_NONE. With attached patch in place identifying the subroutine can be done similar to gfc_conv_intrinsic_function().

Regtested on i686-pc-linux-gnu. Ok for trunk?

2007-05-28 Daniel Franke <>

	* gfortran.h: Renamed 'enum gfc_generic_isym_id' to 'enum gfc_isym_id',
	added missing GFC_ISYM_* enumators, ordered alphabetically.
	(struct gfc_intrinsic_sym): Renamed 'generic_id' to 'id'.
	(gfc_find_subroutine): Newly exposed.
	* intrinsic.c (add_sym, add_sym_*): Added argument 'id' and changed all
	(find_subroutine): Renamed to 'gfc_find_subroutine', removed static.
	* dependency.c: Changed usage of isym->generic_id to isym->id.
	* openmp.c: Likewise.
	* resolve.c: Likewise.
	* trans-array.c: Likewise.
	* trans-expr.c: Likewise.
	* trans-intrinsic.c: Likewise.
	* trans-openmp.c: Likewise.

The patch is quite technical and does not bear any surprises besides its size :)

Ok for trunk.

Janne Blomqvist

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