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Re: [patch, fortran] Fix a TRANSFER folding bug, rework Hollerith handling.


Brooks Moses wrote:
> The problem, fundamentally, is this: If one takes a strict
> interpretation of the Fortran standard, the following little program
> is required to return 42:
>   logical, parameter :: A = TRANSFER (4, .true.)
>   integer, parameter :: I = TRANSFER (A, 0)
>   write(*,*) I
42 or 4? I think you mean 4. That is at least what older gfortrans,
ifort and sunf95 give; g95 returns "1", NAG f95 ICEs.
Current gfortran seems to use A = <integer> % 2 and returns thus 0.

I think one could argue that I == 0, 1 and 4 are all valid according to
the Fortran standard. Nonetheless, returning 4 as your patch, gfortran
4.1 and 4.2, ifort and sunf95 is arguably most useful. In addition, the
new implementation is much cleaner.

> This currently does not work with the constant-folding.  The transfer
> to A determines that 4 is nonzero, and thus A has a logical value of
> true, and the gfc_expr that is created merely stores that value. 
> Then, the constant-folding to I knows that a value of true is stored
> as if it has an integer value of 1, and the output is 1.
Hmm, why do I get "0" and not "1" with an unpatched gfortran? I get 1
only for odd numbers.

> My next project will be folding BOZ-literals into this system, I
> think; that will be useful to handle how Fortran 2003 does
> REAL(Z'FFF0') and that kind of mess -- and, coincidentally, give us a
> very small start on Fortran 2008.  :)
For REAL(Z'FFF0') we need also a good warning system in place. Using the
vendor extension for BOZ, this is interpreted as INTEGER BOZ which is
then converted to real rather than as REAL BOZ. (Cf. PR29471)

Besides, I thought the next project would be PR 31972 (ICE with
transferring Hollerith).

> Regression-tested on powerpc-apple-darwin8.9.0.  Ok for trunk?
Ok (builds also under x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu)


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