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Re: dataflow branch merging plans.

"Vladimir N. Makarov" <> writes:
> <stevenb> honza: you know vlad... he has great ideas, in theory, but there's a reason why he never manages to actually finish something properly ;-)
> <honza> hmm, for example dfa automatos does their job relatively well...
> <stevenb> ...if you're willing to accept that:
> <stevenb> a) it takes 30% of the total compile time
> <stevenb> b) all the good parts are written by zack
> <stevenb> c) all the scheduler descriptions except itanium are written by me
> <stevenb> (oh, and mips, which paolo bonzini took care of)

I know this wasn't meant to be taken seriously, but since Vlad has
already dissed (a) and (b), I don't think (c) is true either.
I'm not aware that Paolo wrote any of the MIPS scheduler descriptions.
(Forgive me if I'm wrong Paolo.)  The define_function_unit-to-DFA
conversion was done my Eric and myself, and the DFA-from-scratch
schedulers were written by an unholy alliance of Eric, Mike Meissner,
David Ung, Joseph Myers and me.  (Sorry again if I've missed anyone.)

And for the record, it's just as well the above wasn't meant to be
taken seriously, as I think it would do Vlad a great disservice.


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