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Re: New libtool is in the GCC and Src trees.

>>>>> "Andreas" == Andreas Tobler <> writes:

[ CC list trimmed ]

Andreas> Also, I'm analyzing the build failure in libjava, seems you forgot to
Andreas> regen the part in classpath.

I looked at this a little.

The failure looks like:

    configure: loading cache .././config.cache
    configure: error: `CXXFLAGS' has changed since the previous run:
    configure:   former value:  -g -O2  -D_GNU_SOURCE
    configure:   current value: -g -O2 -D_GNU_SOURCE
    configure: error: changes in the environment can compromise the build
    configure: error: run `make distclean' and/or `rm .././config.cache' and start over
    configure: error: /bin/sh '../../../../trunk/libjava/classpath/configure' failed for classpath

Note the missing space.  I dug a bit deeper to see what was going
wrong.  In the end I think this is an autoconf bug -- the approach it
takes to quoting ac_configure_args elements is not correct and results
in extra spaces being stripped.

We started running into this with the new libtool work because now
CXXFLAGS is treated as a precious variable, whereas it was not
before.  From "svn diff -c 125039 libjava/configure":


I didn't look to see why this changed.

Two possible avenues for a quick fix, all bad:

* First, disable caching when libjava/configure runs the classpath
  configure.  Gross, but should work.

* Second, maybe we can reset CXXFLAGS to not have the extra space.
  This could be done in configure or in the top-level Makefile, where
  the space originates.

This "sanity" checking in autoconf has caused no end of problems :-(

Anyway, classpath's libtool hackery is a red herring here.  It
probably should be updated -- hopefully no big deal -- but it is not
the cause of the immediate problems.


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