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Re: dataflow branch merging plans.

On 5/25/07, Vladimir N. Makarov <> wrote:
Steven, I really value your help in rewriting old pipileine descriptions
to the DFA ones but  please be more accurate when you jump the
conclusion like "the DFA for Itanium is the problem here" or saying on
IRC that most interesting work on the DFA was done by Zack.  That is not

I never said there is anything wrong with the DFA approach to scheduling. All I said is that the compile time bottleneck for Itanium is the DFA for itanium, i.e. the automaton that's generated from the MD files in config/ia64/. They're huge, and they probably have to be given the complexity of the architecture, but it makes the whole thing slow enough to be consistent top hits on the profiles.

I also seem to recall I said that Zack has done all the good work on
genautomata, and I think it's pretty much generally agreed that the
algorithms you originally used to implement genautomata left some
rather large room for improvement.

The only one jumping to conclusions here is you, twisting my words
somehow in ways to make them offending to you.  That is your problem,
not mine.


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