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Re: [PATCH, 4.2] Backport Geode optimizations


Except we already kept out SSSE3 support from 4.2, why would this be
different.  I am just getting tried of making exceptions for patches

You can't compare proposed patch to SSSE3 patch. SSSE3 was a major change to the backend, a lot of supporting code was changed to use new patterns. These changes could introduce regressions.

to be included on the release branch (even though we had a policy
against that) for adding features.  Also this is just another example
of the x86 guys taking GCC development over.  Sorry for this angry

I don't think that anybody is taking GCC development over. This patch is local to config/i386 directory (except the change to a test case, which looks like it was included in error). It doesn't change any functionality, but adds its own. So, it can't introduce any regression on the ground that you can't regress on a new feature.

message but I guess we need either to change our policy or let nothing
new (except for new targets which is in our policy by the way) into
the release branches.  Maybe I am just a bit upset of what happened

The patch doesn't even add new target. It adds a subtarget to existing target. As it doesn't change existing targets in any way (let alone shared gcc code) it is IMO covered by "new target" exception, but please let RM decide on this topic.

BTW: is missing from the patch, but I guess it is the same as in 4.3.


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