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[sel-sched] Pipelining of outer loops


This patch adds the pipelining of outer loops feature

The routine for creating regions was modified, so with this option the
regions are formed relying on cfg loop analysis data: for each loop nest
a separate region is created, moving from the innermost to outermost 
loop. During scheduling regions are traversed in the same order, first 
scheduling regions corresponding to the innermost loops. The bookkeeping 
code (prologue) created while pipelining inner loop body is being 
inserted into the inner loop's header, which always belongs to the outer 
loop's region. This allows to schedule prologue for the pipelined inner 
loop along with the outer loop's code or pipeline it again if needed. 
While scheduling outer loop, the inner loop is treated like an atomic 
superinstruction with multiple cfg successors,
so if the current scheduling point reaches the beginning of the inner 
loop (already scheduled), it is transferred to the inner loop exit(s).
Currently, the inner loop body acts like a barrier for scheduling
so no instruction can be lifted up through it.
This patch also includes some of Zdenek's loop preserving patches from 
mainline, however it doesn't include its Changelog entries because they 
will be added later while syncing with mainline.

Bootstrapped and tested on ia64.

2007-05-18  Dmitry Melnik  <>
            Andrey Belevantsev <>

        Implement pipelining of outer loops.
        * common.opt (fsel-sched-pipelining-outer-loops): New flag.
        * params.def (PARAM_MAX_PIPELINE_REGION_{BLOCKS, INSNS}): New params.
        (PARAM_INSN_START, PARAM_INSN_STOP, PARAM_INSN_P): New debug params.
        * cfgloop.h (LOOPS_HAVE_FALLTHRU_PREHEADERS): New enum field.
        * loop-init.c (loop_optimizer_init): When LOOPS_HAVE_FALLTHRU_PREHEADERS,
        set CP_FALLTHRU_PREHEADERS when calling create_preheaders.
        (loop_optimizer_finalize): Do not verify flow info after reload.
        * cfgloopmanip.c (create_preheader): Honor CP_FALLTHRU_PREHEADERS.
        Assert that the preheader edge will be fall thru when it is set.
        * cfgloop.c (get_loop_body_in_custom_order): New function.
        * sel-sched-int.h (sel_find_rgns, extend_rgns): Add definition.
        * sel-sched-ir.h: Include cfgloop.h.
        (current_loop_nest, bbs_pipelined, sel_split_edge, 
        sel_redirect_edge_and_branch, pipeline_outer_loops, 
        pipeline_outer_loops_init, pipeline_outer_loops_finish,
        sel_sched_region, sel_find_rgns, get_loop_nest_for_rgn,
        considered_for_pipelining_p, make_region_from_loop_preheader,
        sel_add_loop_preheader, clear_outdated_rtx_info): Add definitions.
        (succ_iterator): Add bb and loop_exits fields.
        (inner_loop_header_p, get_loop_exit_edges_unique_dests,
        get_all_loop_exits): New static inline functions.
        (SUCCS_SKIP_TO_LOOP_EXITS): New #define.
        (_succ_iter_start, _succ_iter_cond, _succ_iter_next,
        _eligible_succesor_edge_p): Implement skipping to loop exits iterator.
        * sel-sched-ir.c (current_loop_nest, loop_nests, bbs_in_loop_rgns,
        rev_top_order_index, rev_top_ordex_index_len): New static variables. 
        (last_added_block): Change to vector last_added_blocks.
        (sel_add_block_to_region, sel_create_new_region, bb_top_order_comparator,
        make_region_from_loop, make_region_from_loop_preheader, 
        make_regions_from_loop_nest, pipeline_outer_loops_init, 
        pipeline_outer_loops_finish, get_loop_nest_for_rgn, 
        considered_for_pipelining_p, make_regions_from_the_rest,
        sel_find_rgns, sel_add_loop_preheader): New functions.  
        (init_fences): Use SUCCS_SKIP_TO_LOOP_EXITS, adapt to multiple 
        region entries.  
        (tick_check_note_dep, tick_check_note_mem_dep): Fix comment.  Tidy.
        (sel_rtl_insn_added): Assert that we adding an insn to the current region.
        (sel_init_insn_info): When pipelining outer loops, get SEQNO not only
        from preds, but from succs also.  Change asserts accordingly.
        (sel_create_basic_block): Adapt for using a vector of added blocks.
        (sel_add_or_remove_bb): Likewise.
        (sel_split_block, sel_split_edge): Likewise.  Fix loop structures
        in case we've spoiled them.
        (sel_redireect_edge_force, sel_redirect_edge_and_branch): Likewise.
        (cfg_pred_1): Assert that we're walking inside the current region.
        (clear_outdated_rtx_info, find_place_to_insert_bb, 
        recompute_rev_top_order): New functions.
        (sel_add_or_remove_bb_1): Use them.
        * sel-sched.c (compute_av_set): Fix typo in comment.
        (compute_live_below_insn): Use SUCCS_ALL instead of equivalent flag
        (extract_new_fences_from): Use SUCCS_SKIP_TO_LOOP_EXITS.
        (generate_bookkeeping_insn): Check that we don't spoil current loop.
        Use sel_redirect_edge_and_branch.  Tidy.
        (fill_insns_run): New global debug variable.
        (fill_insns): Use it.  Move temp_state initialization to proper place.
        (init_seqno_1): Likewise.  Tidy.
        (is_loop_preheader_p, sel_remove_loop_preheader, 
        split_edges_incoming_to_rgn): New.
        (sel_region_init): Initialize current_loop_nest.  Move loop preheader
        to appropriate region.  Set pipelining_p to true when current_loop_nest
        is not NULL; call split_edges_incoming_to_rgn.
        (sel_region_finish): Do not reschedule and bundle loop preheader.
        Remove it for later inclusion into correct region.
        (sel_sched_region_1): When pipelining outer loops, init fences with 
        a loop header.  Clear outdated info for loop preheader after scheduling.
        (sel_sched_region): Call pipeline_outer_loops_{init,finish}.
        * sel-sched-dump.c (sel_print_insn): Change order of checks.
        * sched-rgn.c (find_rgns): Rename to haifa_find_rgns.  Implement
        new find_rgns function.
        (extend_rgns): Export.
        (sched_rgn_init): Calculate and free dominance info only when 
        we don't pipelining outer loops.
        * config/ia64/ia64.c (scheduled_good_insn): Check INSN_P before
        calling recog_memoized.

Best regards,

Attachment: pipelining-of-outer-loops-with-loop-fixes.diff
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