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Re: [PATCH] remove the unsigned_type language hook

Nope, these testcases still fail even after the patch you just sent.
I bet if you try doing -funsigned-char when compiling this testcase,
they will fail on i686-linux-gnu.

They did, and now I think I have the complete fix. The problem was that with my patch, get_unsigned_type would return the wrong char type. So tests like

unsigned_type_for(x) == unsigned_type_for(y)

would fail, because one call would return a "unsigned char" and the
other one a "char".

The attached patch fixed the problem on x86_64 + -funsigned_char.
Could you please give it a try?

Andrew Pinski

Thanks, -- Rafael Avila de Espindola

Google Ireland Ltd.
Gordon House
Barrow Street
Dublin 4

Registered in Dublin, Ireland
Registration Number: 368047
--- gcc/c-common.c	(revision 124811)
+++ gcc/c-common.c	(local)
@@ -2066,9 +2066,6 @@ tree
 c_common_signed_or_unsigned_type (int unsignedp, tree type)
   tree type1;
-  if (!INTEGRAL_TYPE_P (type)
-      || TYPE_UNSIGNED (type) == unsignedp)
-    return type;
   /* This block of code emulates the behavior of the old
      c_common_unsigned_type. In particular, it returns
@@ -2111,6 +2108,10 @@ c_common_signed_or_unsigned_type (int un
      types, and producing a signed or unsigned variant of an
      ENUMERAL_TYPE may cause other problems as well.  */
+  if (!INTEGRAL_TYPE_P (type)
+      || TYPE_UNSIGNED (type) == unsignedp)
+    return type;
 #define TYPE_OK(node)							    \
   (TYPE_MODE (type) == TYPE_MODE (node)					    \
    && (c_dialect_cxx () || TYPE_PRECISION (type) == TYPE_PRECISION (node)))
--- gcc/langhooks.c	(revision 124811)
+++ gcc/langhooks.c	(local)
@@ -579,9 +579,6 @@ lhd_builtin_function (tree decl)
 get_signed_or_unsigned_type (int unsignedp, tree type)
-  if (!INTEGRAL_TYPE_P (type) || TYPE_UNSIGNED (type) == unsignedp)
-    return type;
   return lang_hooks.types.signed_or_unsigned_type(unsignedp, type);
@@ -590,5 +587,8 @@ get_signed_or_unsigned_type (int unsigne
 lhd_signed_or_unsigned_type (int unsignedp, tree type)
+  if (!INTEGRAL_TYPE_P (type) || TYPE_UNSIGNED (type) == unsignedp)
+    return type;
   return lang_hooks.types.type_for_size (TYPE_PRECISION (type), unsignedp);

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