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Re: [dataflow][PATCH] Compute dominance information in ce2 pass.

Seongbae Park (ëìë, ææå) wrote:
I think we probably want to add
df-based routines that do equivalent to
propagate_one_insn() so that people can compute
live sets at arbitrary points in the instruction stream
(without directly using df infrastructure).
I'll try to do that sometime.
I'd take this opportunity to ask. Yes, we'd want to use it in the scheduler in the end. What do we actually need is:

1. Registers that are set/used/clobbered by an insn.  Now we get this
from the dependence analysis.

2. Update these register sets for new insns.

3. Liveness sets at any points on a code motion path. Now we compute this by ourselves using the above sets.

4. Update liveness sets along certain paths, which we know, and don't touch them on the other paths.

The reason we need all this is to find registers that are available for renaming, i.e. could be destination registers for an insn at a given point. We'd also want a quick update of those, as the sets get invalidated after each code motion.

AFAIK I can do 1 and 2 with df infrastructure via df_rescan_insn. How can we do 3 and 4?


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