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Re: [testsuite] fix C tests to use correct dg-error or dg-warning directive

On May 15, 2007, at 11:34 AM, Janis Johnson wrote:
Several C compiler tests use dg-error for warnings and vice versa.

Sounds about right. Kinda surprising we get as close as your patch suggests.

This currently makes no difference because the DejaGnu support doesn't pay attention to the message prefix, but Manuel and I are working on a patch to change that within the GCC testsuite support; see PR 25241.

Wonderful. I'd vote against dg-gcc-warning, once done, it would never be undone. :-( What's your current thinking, one language at a time and not doing dg-gcc-warning?

I've looked at the options used to compile these tests and the behavior of earlier versions of GCC, and the changes look reasonable to me.

I reviewed them all, and I'd say that I think they are ok.

Does anyone remember the testsuite code before the expect code? Did it handle the difference between warnings and errors? For some strange reason I was thinking this was a regression when we switched to expect? Rob or Julia might remember.


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