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Re: [PING]: Use MPFR for Bessel functions j0, j1 and jn

On Tue, 15 May 2007, Richard Guenther wrote:

> Ok, mpfr 2.3.0 going to be available at the time gcc 4.3.0 will be out
> makes me more comfortable.  So, the patch (with the xfailed testcase) is
> ok for mainline.  But please wait a day or so for comments from other
> maintainers.

Okay great, thanks.  I'll wait for comments then install.

> I also think that we should re-visit the minimum requirement on the mpfr
> version again once we enter, say, stage3.

Yes, will do.

I don't mean to overload you, :-) but now that we've resolved the initial
mpfr-2.3.0 issue, do you have any thoughts on the remaining related

Evaluate Bessel Y using MPFR:

Evaluate remquo/remainder/drem using MPFR (depends on the above):

Add reentrant lgamma_r builtin (no dependencies):

Evaluate reentrant lgamma_r using MPFR (depends on the above):

Show MPFR version in "gcc -v" (no dependencies):

(I'm still reworking the plain c99 lgamma patch for the signgam issue, so
consider that one withdrawn.)

Kaveh R. Ghazi

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