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Re: [PATCH] compiling gcc with a C++ compiler 4/n

On 5/15/07, Thomas Neumann <> wrote:
:ADDPATCH exception handling:

The attached patch fixes compiling the exception handling logic with a
C++ compiler. It is by far the most invasive patch for full C++
compatibility, as I had to rename members to avoid C++ keywords and
reorganize struct names due to the lack of separate struct namespace in
C++- But the individual changes themselves are trivial, and only 4 files
are affected.

I don't see why you are doing: -typedef struct eh_region *eh_region;

+typedef struct eh_region_def * eh_region;

In fact, you the code worse to read as you used:
#ifdef __GENGTYPE__

why not change the typedef to be en_region_ptr instead?  It gets
around the need for this hackery and the amount of changes you are
doing.  Also by the way you need to list all the functions you are
changing.  And say more of what you are doing in your changelog
entries because right now they are lacking and not to what the coding
style says they should be.

Thanks, Andrew Pinski

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