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Re: [patch gfortran testsuite] Fix some dg-output in the testsuite

> I am curious what your rationale is here.  (I apologize if I missed that
> from a previous posting) Were these test cases failing somewhere?  Did
> you want to include the line ends for completeness to make sure we are
> not getting extra blanks or other characters?

The rationale is the following:

(1) for parameter_array_dummy.f90, I fixed the '{ dg-do run}' and I got a
bunch of new failures.  I looked at them and found that they were coming
from the dg-output directives.  After (several) trial and error attempts
(it took me some time to realize that the strings were regular
expressions!-), I made the test pass with the proposed patch (or another 
one in PR31883).

(2) looking at the test log, I saw that the two other tests had dg-output
directives, but were not doing the test for the obvious reason of a wrong
syntax.  So the proposed patch fixes the syntax.  I think it would be
perfectly admissible to fix the problem by removing the dg-output
directives, but what is not acceptable is to have broken tests you rely on.

> Did you regression test and on what platform?

Native configuration is powerpc-apple-darwin7.9.0
gfortran  version 4.3.0 20070511 (experimental)

I don't think formatted outputs are allowed to be platform dependent,
so, if the tests fail on any platform, the reason(s) should probably be 

Note: I forgot to say that the 'regexp' used by dg-output is not protected 
against search strings starting with a '-'.  The standard way in Tcl is to 
replace 'regexp $flags $string ...' by 'regexp $flags -- $string ...', but 
since I don't know where to look I have chosen the lazy solution of 
permuting the first two 'write'.


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