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[PTR-PLUS] [ADA] Fix ada bootstrap on branch

  This patch fixes the Ada front-end for the pointer plus changes (I don't 
want to be blamed for not testing Ada :) ).  The changes are the 
1) change PLUS_EXPR (and MINUS_EXPR) in places where POINTER_PLUS_EXPR 
need to be used instead. 
2) Add support to build_binary_op for POINTER_PLUS_EXPR's semantics of 
having two different types for its operands.
3) Treat POINTER_PLUS_EXPR like PLUS_EXPR in known_alignment

Committed to the branch after a bootstrap/test on i686-linux-gnu with no 
Ada regressions compared to the trunk (there is an ICE but that is also on 
the trunk and unrelated to my branch).

Andrew Pinski


        * trans.c (Attribute_to_gnu): When subtracting an
        offset from a pointer, use POINTER_PLUS_EXPR with
        NEGATE_EXPR instead of MINUS_EXPR.
        (gnat_to_gnu): Likewise.
        * utils.c (convert): When converting between
        thin pointers, use POINTER_PLUS_EXPR and sizetype
        for the offset.
        * utils2.c (known_alignment): POINTER_PLUS_EXPR
        have the same semantics as PLUS_EXPR for alignment.
        (build_binary_op): Add support for the semantics of
        POINTER_PLUS_EXPR's operands.
        When adding an offset to a pointer, use POINTER_PLUS_EXPR.


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