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Re: [patch 0/3] libffi/m68k patches (take 2)


On Mon, 5 Mar 2007, Tom Tromey wrote:

> >>>>> "Roman" == Roman Zippel <> writes:
> Roman> A slightly updated version of libffi patches I submitted earlier, the
> Roman> only big change is that .cfi opcodes are now conditional, otherwise I
> Roman> made the closure support a separate patch.
> Roman> Now also hopefully with corrects changelogs. :)
> Given that the earlier one was approved modulo a ChangeLog fix, I
> think this one is ok.  The ChangeLog looked reasonable to me and the
> new configure code is fine.

I completely missed your message and I already wanted to send a ping. :)
Sorry for the long delay, I'll commit the patches shortly, for the 
reference below is the change to one of the patches due to other changes 
that went in the meantime. I've retested everything without problems.

bye, Roman

diff -pur libffi/src/m68k/ffi.c
--- libffi/src/m68k/ffi.c	2007-05-09 13:43:44.000000000 +0200
+++	2007-05-09 13:43:15.000000000 +0200
@@ -250,15 +249,16 @@ ffi_closure_SYSV_inner (ffi_closure *clo
-ffi_prep_closure (ffi_closure* closure,
-		  ffi_cif* cif,
-		  void (*fun)(ffi_cif*,void*,void**,void*),
-		  void *user_data)
+ffi_prep_closure_loc (ffi_closure* closure,
+		      ffi_cif* cif,
+		      void (*fun)(ffi_cif*,void*,void**,void*),
+		      void *user_data,
+		      void *codeloc)
   FFI_ASSERT (cif->abi == FFI_SYSV);
   *(unsigned short *)closure->tramp = 0x207c;
-  *(void **)(closure->tramp + 2) = closure;
+  *(void **)(closure->tramp + 2) = codeloc;
   *(unsigned short *)(closure->tramp + 6) = 0x4ef9;
   if (cif->rtype->type == FFI_TYPE_STRUCT
       && !cif->flags)
@@ -266,7 +266,7 @@ ffi_prep_closure (ffi_closure* closure,
     *(void **)(closure->tramp + 8) = ffi_closure_SYSV;
-  syscall(SYS_cacheflush, closure->tramp, FLUSH_SCOPE_LINE,
+  syscall(SYS_cacheflush, codeloc, FLUSH_SCOPE_LINE,
   closure->cif  = cif;

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