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Re: [PATCH]: Track uninitialized variables

Caroline Tice <> writes:

> > Using TARGET_DWARF_UNINIT_VARS doesn't make sense to me.  This is an
> > enhancement which depends on the version of gdb being used.  It is not
> > in any meaningful way target specific.  I would recommend controlling
> > this via an option.  For Darwin, you can make the option default to on
> > if you like.
> >
> I did it this way on the recommendation of Geoff Keating (we discussed
> both approaches), but I am willing to change it if you really want me
> to.
> Geoff's idea, I believe, was that doing it this way, individual people
> maintaining their systems can turn this on as they install the correct
> version of GDB, then never have to worry about it again, as opposed to
> having to pass a flag/option every time you do a compilation.  But I may
> have misunderstood his reasoning; perhaps he could explain it better.

In my view that makes sense if you are a distro maintainer, but it
does not make sense for anybody else.  If I build gcc myself, I won't
know to make this change.  And since most distro maintainers do not
track the minutia of gcc changes, they probably wouldn't change it
either (which is also a flaw with my suggestion above).

I'll expand my recommendation: provide a command line option, and use
a configure test to set the default value of the command line option.
Any other suggestions?


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