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Re: [PTR-PLUS] Add/fix documentation for POINTER_PLUS_EXPR

On 5/7/07,
<> wrote:
  I figured as much that I needed to update the documentation for the
addition of POINTER_PLUS_EXPR.  This patch does that and fixes one small
documentation in tree.def about the second operand.

The "small fix", documenting the 2nd operand of POINTER_PLUS_EXPR to be always unsigned instead of signed makes me curious. This effectively means that POINTER_PLUS_EXPR overflow is defined as wrapping, which will make some transformations we do now invalid and complicates re-construction of array accesses &a p+ CST to &a[CST/element_size] where this division needs to be done as signed.

So I would have thought an always signed representation of the
2nd operand would have been a more natural choice.

Any clarifications on why you came to this conclusion?


Committed after bootstrap/test on i686-linux-gnu.

Andrew Pinski


        * tree.def (POINTER_PLUS_EXPR): The second operand
        is of type sizetype and not ssizetype.
        * doc/c-tree.texi (POINTER_PLUS_EXPR): Document.

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