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Re: [PATCH] S/390: DFP support 1/4: Add z9-ec option


> I think there was a little misunderstanding here.  What you describe is 
> exactly how things work for PowerPC as well.  I think what Janis was
> trying to say, is that we should probably come up with a common set
> of options between us.
> So -mdfp or -mhard-dfp (whichever we choose) means we generate hw
> DFP instructions and -mno-dfp or -msoft-dfp (again, whichever one
> we choose) means no hw DFP instructions.
> I'm torn between the options.  I slightly prefer our -mdfp over your
> -mhard-dfp, but your -msoft-dfp seems to make more sense than -mno-dfp,
> which might cause people to assume we're disabling DFP all together.

I agree that it would be helpful to have the same dfp switches for all
supporting platforms.
As you probably expected I tend to stuck with the options I've introduced
with the dfp S/390 patches :)  I simply think that -msoft-dfp/-mhard-dfp
is a bit clearer.  Another - but not that important - point is that these 
options are already implemented.
But if there is a majority of people voting for -mdfp/-mno-dfp I wouldn't 
stand in the way and post a patch changing the S/390 options as well.
Regarding the S/390 back end of course Ulrich has the final say.



P.S.: This probably is one of these topics having
the potential of starting a huge mail thread :)

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