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Re: [patch, fortran] lang.opt: Adjust documentation.

Mike Stump wrote:
On Mar 24, 2007, at 11:06 AM, Brooks Moses wrote:
-Treat the input file as preprocessed
+; For internal use only: Treat the input file as preprocessed

The Undocumented tag comes to mind, though, I will note that this flag is documented for C.

Indeed. As FX reminded me, when I was looking into this a half-year ago I discovered that using the Undocumented tag in fortran/lang.opt didn't affect anything since it was documented in C. However, that was with the old --help system, and I'm not sure how the new one handles this.

Currently, something seems to be broken in the gcc -v --help output for C and C++ (it's reporting "The following options are specific to the language C: No options with the desired characteristics were found"), so I can't actually tell what this is doing. However, the new system does seem to be written under the assumption that all *.opt files that list an option give it the same documentation string, so I will apply the other parts of this patch but leave this bit out.

- Brooks, who just filed PRs 31349 through 31352 about the --help output while tracking this down. :)

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