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Re: [patch] sh: sh4-300 with-multilib-list

At the user interface, I propose to have --with-multilib-list=m4-300 which is already the flag in use to drive the code generation, see sh.opt :

Target RejectNegative Condition(SUPPORT_SH4) Var(TARGET_SH4_300)
Generate SH4-300 code

So I doesn't change the user interface

but you are right, there could be a better naming for internal uses. But since sh4_300 is already in use for sh, this renaming is not part of this patch that only aims at giving a m4-300 multilib capability.


Andrew STUBBS wrote:
Christian BRUEL wrote:

Add the m4-300 to the --with-multilib-list configure option.


2007-02-20 Christian Bruel <>

        * config.gcc: Add sh4-300 to multilib.
        * config/sh/t-mlib-sh4-300: New file.

Hmmm, this processor is more properly called ST40-300 - it isn't a Renesas SH-4 implementation, and "300" isn't an SH model number.

We have instances of both names throughout the SH code. Perhaps we should sort this out, sooner rather than later. I don't think we should be introducing any more sh4-300 into the code, particularly not the user interface.

Well, it's not critical yet as nobody outside ST will use this setting, but it may be one day.


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