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Re: PATCH: x86_64-pc-mingw32 target for gcc

Richard Henderson <> wrote on 20.03.2007 20:23:50:

> > -  if (TARGET_64BIT)
> > +  if (TARGET_64BIT && !TARGET_64BIT_MS_ABI)
> >      {
> >        warning (OPT_Wattributes, "%qs attribute ignored",
> I don't see any reference to stdcall and other such markers in the
> Win64 documentation.  Are they supposed to be accepted and discarded
> without comments?  Because I think quite a lot of your changes to 
> make them be "handled" in some way is wrong.

They are treated. For more information about this, please re-read the MSDN 
about these keywords. Attribute "__fastcall" is ignored but language 
feature. "__stdcall" is needed for all win32 api functions, as for the x86 
version. And of course the __cdecl specifier is known to x86_64 too, as 
for the x86 version. But you are right, that the special treating for 
"__fastcall" is redudant to the x86_64 standard calling convention.
> Please use a more sensible name for this, like "parameter_regs".
> As is, one expects is to be a pointer to x86_64_int_parameter_registers,
> which isn't (necessarily) true.
Yes, because it is a local which helds the pointer to 
x86_64_int_parameter_registers (in linux case) or the pointer to 

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