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Re: [PATCH, i386]: Implement -mcmpxchg16b and -msahf options

> Jan Hubicka wrote:
> >>+@item -mcmpxchg16b
> >>+@opindex -mcmpxchg16b
> >>+This option will enable GCC to use CMPXCHG16B instruction in generated 
> >>code.
> >>    
> >
> >Perhaps little extra information can be put here.  Average user looking
> >for flags to speed up his application will have no idea what CMPXCHG16B
> >is used for and thus we can save his time spent by looking for docs or
> >unnecesary benchmarking if his 3d FPS now runs cooler.
> Jan, thanks for pointing me to Wikipedia reference. I have added the 
> text from wikipedia entry to both items, with a crossreference to Atomic 
> Builtins.

If the patch is not commited yet, perhaps
> +This option will enable GCC to use SAHF instruction in generated code.  Early
> +Intel CPUs with Intel 64 lacked LAHF and SAHF instructions supported by AMD64
> +until introduction of Pentium 4 G1 step in December 2005.  LAHF and SAHF are
> +load and store instructions, respectively, for certain status flags.  These
> +instructions are used for virtualization and floating-point condition handling.

I would leave out the virtualization - GCC won't use it in this context
so it is a bit misleading. It might be nice to make clear that sahf use
is very limited, since fcomi can be used in wast majority cases. But
this is all just nitpicking.


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