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Import GCC 4.2.0 PRs

Here are some GCC 4.2.0 P1s which I think it would be good for GCC to
have resolved before the release, together with names of people I'd like
to volunteer to help.  (Naturally, I have no command authority, and I'd
encourage anyone else who wants to help to pitch in, but I'm trying to
tap a few likely suspects.)

* PR 27945 (Merill) -- layout of structures with packed fields.  This is
an ABI change.  We've had the current behavior in 4.0 and 4.1, so it's
not essential that this be fixed in 4.2.0, but from Jason's comments
last November in the PR it doesn't sound that hard to fix.

* PR 28544 (Brook, Weigand) -- this is an ARM ICE which Paul has tracked
to reload, but he's not sure what to do there.  Perhaps Ulrich can help.

* PR 29286 (Berlin, Taylor) -- This is the problem with our alias
analysis not understanding placement new.  Ignoring the full complexity
of C/C++ object lifetimes, new vs. malloc vs. casts, etc., it's clear
that the test case is being mishandled.  Is there anything we can do?
This is an unfortunate problem, and all our efforts to make the
optimizers smarter will exacerbate this problem.

* PR 29585 (Berlin) -- This is a crash in alias analysis with anonymous
namespaces.  I can't imagine that anonymous namespaces have any deep
implications for aliasing, so I would hope this is an easy fix.

* PR 29841 (Hubicka, Henderson) -- This is an oft-reported crash on
__builtin_trap with a fix inside flow/scheduler.  A quick review by
someone familiar with the code should close this out.

* PR 29906 (Oliva) -- This is a crash during DWARF generation for a
small C++ test case.

* PR 30132 (Pinksi, Berlin) -- This is an aliasing crash on complex
numbers.  Andrew, you mentioned you might have a patch.

* PR 30221 (Sidwell, Mitchell) -- An ICE-on-valid for initializing
arrays of pointer-to-member functions in C++.

* PR 30590 (Guenther, Merill) -- Wrong code generated by NRV.

* PR 30700 (Hubicka) -- Cgraph causes undefined references.

* PR 30704 (Edelsohn) -- Bad code generation for long long on big-endian

Mark Mitchell
(650) 331-3385 x713

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