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[autovect] [patch] Make store motion use alias oracle


I would like to ask to insert Zdenek Dvorak's make
store motion use alias oracle patch into autovect branch. (with the fix :

This patch should simplify stmts in loops and thus open opportunities
for vectorization.

This patch inserts additional constrain to the movement_possibility
function which causes the ifcvt to not be applied when it contains memory
references (and as a result to some testcases faulires).  This problem
is fixed in the attached patch which was bootstrap and tested on ppc
together with the above lim patch.  (I intend to re-submit this fix once
the above patch will be inserted to the branch)

(See attached file: patch_fix_ifcvt.txt)

OK for autovect?


2007-03-12  Revital Eres  <>

        * tree-if-conv.c (if_convertible_gimple_modify_stmt_p):
          Call movement_possibility function with additional argument.
        * tree-flow.h (movement_possibility): Change definition.
        * tree-ssa-loop-im.c (movement_possibility): Add new argument
          to indicates whether this function serves as validity check
          for transformations which do not intend to move STMT.
          (determine_invariantness_stmt): Call function
          movement_possibility with additional argument.

Attachment: patch_fix_ifcvt.txt
Description: Text document

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