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[Committed] Transition more places to build_gimple_modify_stmt

This is another installment in the transition from using build2
(GIMPLE_MODIFY_STMT, ...) to using the appropriate higher-level
build_gimple_modify_stmt API.
This installment completes the middle-end transition by updating
the remaining uses in tree*.c.

The following patch has been tested on i686-pc-linux-gnu with a full "make
bootstrap", all default languages including Ada, and regression tested
with a top-level "make -k check" with no new failures.

Committed to mainline as revision 122707.

2007-03-08  Roger Sayle  <>

        * tree-eh.c (do_return_redirection): Call build_gimple_modify_stmt
        instead of calling build2 with a GIMPLE_MODIFY_STMT.
        (honor_protect_cleanup_actions, lower_try_finally_switch):
        * tree-if-conv.c (replace_phi_with_cond_gimple_modify_stmt,
        ifc_temp_var): Likewise.
        * tree-inline.c (setup_one_parameter): Likewise.
        * tree-mudflap.c (mf_decl_cache_locals,
        mf_build_check_statement_for): Likewise.
        * tree-nested.c (init_tmp_var, save_tmp_var,
        finalize_nesting_tree_1): Likewise.
        * tree-outof-ssa.c (insert_copy_on_edge,
        insert_backedge_copies): Likewise.
        * tree-profile.c (tree_gen_edge_profiler,
        tree_gen_ic_profiler): Likewise.
        * tree-scalar-evolution.c (scev_const_prop): Likewise.
        * tree-sra.c (sra_build_assignment): Likewise.
        * tree-ssa-loop-im.c (determine_invariantness_stmt): Likewise.
        * tree-ssa-math-opts.c (insert_reciprocals,
        execute_cse_sincos_1): Likewise.
        * tree-tailcall.c (adjust_accumulator_values,
        adjust_return_value): Likewise.
        * tree-vect-patterns.c (vect_pattern_recog_1): Likewise.
        * tree-vect-transform.c (vect_create_data_ref_ptr,
        bump_vector_ptr, vect_init_vector, get_initial_def_for_induction,
        vect_create_epilog_for_reduction, vectorizable_reduction,
        vectorizable_call, vectorizable_conversion,
        vectorizable_assignment, vectorizable_operation,
        vectorizable_type_demotion, vect_gen_widened_results_half,
        vect_permute_store_chain, vectorizable_store,
        vect_setup_realignment, vect_permute_load_chain,
        vectorizable_load, vectorizable_condition,
        vect_create_cond_for_align_checks): Likewise.
        * tree-vrp.c (build_assert_expr_for): Likewise.


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