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Re: PING: [PATCH] Implement warning for wrong use of ||/&&

On Saturday, 3. March 2007, Manuel López-Ibáñez wrote:

> I would prefer a greener bikeshed such as Wlogical but, if I am alone, so
> be it.

Would be fine with me as well. 

> I think the option should be enabled by Wextra at least.

I was actually planning to add it to -Wall in the future. 

> and perhaps 
> (in the future) include PR16302. PR7543 might be also a good candidate
> for this or for Wparentheses.

I think -Wparentheses is pretty much feature complete, lets not overload it 
with something else. PR7543 sounds like a worthy addition to this patch (if 
it ever gets into gcc). I'll work on the followup patch for that once this 
one is in. 

> Also, I am planning to submit a patch to add Walways-true again soon
> to warn about comparisons that are always true or false due to limited
> range of data types. Just to let it known.

Thanks, but the limited range of data types kind of warnings are better not 
munged together with this warning, as the signal/noise ratio is vastly 


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