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Re: Wold-style-declaration (PR7651 Define -Wextra strictly in terms of other warning flags)

On 29 Dec 2006 19:52:56 +0100, Gabriel Dos Reis
<> wrote:
| A new option -Wold-style-declaration takes over the warning about
| storage-class specifiers like "static" that are not the first things
| in a declaration. I have generalized the description a bit more, so it
| could encompass any other obsolescent usage in a declaration. This
| patch also updates the documentation to reflect that the warning only
| applies to C.

I can see how this flag can apply to C++ -- think of deprecated
"static non-local variable declaration", which should be written as
members of unnamed namespaces -- but that is for another day.

You should fill a enhancement PR if you don't want that idea to get lost in the mailing list archives. Seriously. Or at least write it down on a webpage.

One of my motivations for applying for the Google Summer of Code was
Joseph Myers's page [*].  I think it would be a great idea to link it
from the wiki as further projects ideas for next year GSoC.


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