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[PATCH] FRA doc/install.texi option without effect used in sample code.

It doesn't appear to make sense to refer to an obsoleted option in the
documentation as an example. OK?

Marcin Dalecki

2006-12-29 Marcin Dalecki <>

	* doc/invoke.texi: Replace no longer supported -fno-strength-reduce
	with -fmerge-constants in sample code.

Index: gcc/doc/install.texi
--- gcc/doc/install.texi (revision 120245)
+++ gcc/doc/install.texi (working copy)
@@ -1909,12 +1909,12 @@
work outside the makefiles. For example,
- make check-g++ RUNTESTFLAGS="--target_board=unix/-O3/-fno- strength-reduce"
+ make check-g++ RUNTESTFLAGS="--target_board=unix/-O3/-fmerge- constants"
@end smallexample
will run the standard @command{g++} testsuites (``unix'' is the target name
for a standard native testsuite situation), passing
-@samp{-O3 -fno-strength-reduce} to the compiler on every test, i.e.,
+@samp{-O3 -fmerge-constants} to the compiler on every test, i.e.,
slashes separate options.
You can run the testsuites multiple times using combinations of options

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