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Re: Memory statistics before and after IPA

> On Wed, 20 Dec 2006, Diego Novillo wrote:
> >>  * toplev.c (dump_memory_report): Break out from...
> >>  (finalize): Here.
> >>  * toplev.h (dump_memory_report): Declare.
> >>  (cmp_statistic): Rename to ...
> >>  (final_cmp_statistic): ... this one
> >>  (cmp_statistic): New.
> >>  (dump_ggc_loc_staitsitcs): New FINAL parpameter.
> >>  * common.opt (-fpre-ipa-mem-report, -fpost-ipa-mem-report): Declare.
> >>  * varray.c (dump_varray_staitiscs): Do not segfault when no varray was
> >>  allocated so far.
> > Looks OK.  But I'm not sure I can approve this.
> Combining Honza and you, I guess this is probably okay. ;-)
> If this goes in, would you mind also updating gcc-4.3/changes.html,
> Honza?  (I'll review the other patch shortly...)

I actually interpreted that as an approval and comitted before
Christmas.  I wonder if the statistic stuff like this intended for
developers should be announced in news file?  I guess we have better new
features/changes to inform users about...
(but I will be happy to write info it it seems good idea)


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