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Re: FW: [just for fun] patch to enable SSA inlining

> > > Hi,
> > > for those who might be interested, this patch enable SSA inlining on
> > > mainline (needs to be applied on the top of other patches I just sent).
> > > As you notice, IPA passes are currently disabled.  It would be great if
> > > authors of the individual passes sent neccesary updates, but if not,
> > > I will fix them one by one once I can fully regtest SSA inliner itself
> > > in all languages.
> > > 
> > I have the(SSA)IPCP code ready on ipa branch. 
> > I will prepare it for mainline and submit it after I
> > finish all necessary testing.
> Thank you,
> I am still solving side corners of the transition to IPA-SSA, but will
> have better patch soon (I changed some bits related to gomp and
> such and would like to get them done in more clean way than IPA branch
> have).  Hope to have patch later today or tomorrow that at least fully
^^^^ bootstraps and mostly regtests (ie my best call so far is patch
that bootstraps but fauls in all gomp and many fortran tests).
Thank you for planning the merge.  I would like to retire IPA branch
soon, but I will send separate mail about that once the IPA-SSA patch is

> Honza

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