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Re: [PATCH/testsuite] handle excessively large tests on spu-*-*

On Thu, 2006-12-21 at 14:14 +1100, Ben Elliston wrote:
> This patch marks excessively large test cases (that generate linker
> errors on spu-*-*) as UNSUPPORTED.  Previously, this was handled with a
> patch I submitted on 2006-11-28 that marked the tests XFAIL.  I have
> just discovered that this is not the proper way to do it in the dg
> framework.
> Attached is a patch that does it the proper way, plus reverts my
> 2006-11-28 patch.  Okay for the trunk?

This seems like a better way except for:
>         * lib/g++-dg.exp (g++-dg-prune): Likewise.

>  proc g++-dg-prune { system text } {
> +    if {[string match "spu-*" $system] && \
> +           [string match "*exceeds local store range*" $text]} {
> +       # The format here is important.  See dg.exp.
> +       return "::unsupported::memory full"
> +    }
>      return [gcc-dg-prune $system $text]
>  }

This, g++-dg-prune already calls gcc-dg-prune so there is no need to add

Plus it seems like you also change libstdc++/testsuite/prune.exp to
add this.  Or really fix it so it actually calls gcc-dg-prune also.

And really for libstdc++, it should just be setting additional_prunes
and using gcc-dg-prune :).  So if you feel up to it, please fix libstdc
++'s testsuite too.

Andrew Pinski

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