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Re: IPA merge 4: SSA inliner

Jan Hubicka wrote on 12/03/06 14:34:
this patch updates inliner to deal with SSA (so it now can handle both SSA and
non-SSA gimple.  This is quite natural to do, since SSA is more an extension of
IL than different one and also needed for -O0 inlining).  The SSA code is
unused now, since we are not quite ready to reorder the pass queue (with my
passmanager patch, one can do it and get crashes on testcases with static
variables, I have patch for static variables in queue), however I am sending
it, so we can parallelize the efforts and as example how SSA updating on IPA
level looks like now.

Some interesting stuff:

1) Inserting SSA body into SSA body is basically easy, since dominator
tree change little. SSA names for automatic variables in outer function
don't need to change, most of SSA in internal function doesn't either.
So the basic idea is to have remap_ssa_name producing new SSA names for
copied ones and new copy_phis_for_bb re-creating PHI nodes in the copied
body according to the original PHIs.
2) For virtual operands I simply trigger rebuild of SSA of everything
mentioned. The scheme outlined above doesn't work for static variables
touched by both inlined and callee functions since we need to merge
SSA form built on those.
3) SSA names for return decls are stripped away and SSA form is rebuilt.
This should be fine since there ought to be only one name as we have
single return_stmt. We however might break SSA from otherwise in the case
function returned partially uninitialized return value
4) SSA operands are copy/constant propagated by inliner. Inliner always
constant propagated in order to get "const" declared arguments right.
We can easilly do more, but it also tend to uncover latent bugs.
I did little measurements on tramp3d and not doing the constant/copy
prop increases number of SSA names built by 30%, so I think it is worthwhile
(and it also makes it easier to inline callbacks)

I'd like to know what bugs this uncovered.  In the optimizer or the

 5) EH edges comming from inlined function body to landing paths within outer
    function cause troubles since PHI nodes can be associated with the landing
    pads.  I discussed this with Rth on the summit and we concluded it is safe
    to to rebuild SSA on those symbols: since they have PHIs on abnormal edges
    we don't have overlapping liveranges.


 6) Problematic are also return values returned via slot.  These variables
    do have address taken (technically to pass to inlined function) but we
    don't model it properly in the outer function, so they might be in SSA form
    and we might have issues with partly initialized return values.

We don't detect that the symbol's address has been taken?  That's not
good.  Got a test case?


* tree-inline.c (remap_ssa_name): New function.
(remap_decl): Update SSA datastructures for DECLs.
(copy_body_r): Deal with SSA_NAMEs; add referenced global vars.
(copy_bb): Set SSA_NAME def stmts.
(update_ssa_acorss_eh_edges): New function.
(copy_edge_for_bb): Call it; mark new vars for renaming.
(copy_phis_for_bb): New function.
(initialize_cfun): Break out from ...
(copy_cfg_body): ... here; maintain AUX map for both directions;
call SSA updating workers.
(setup_one_parameter): Do propagation across SSA form.
(declare_return_variable): Work on SSA.
(expand_call_inline): Update SSA from on return values.
(optimize_inline_calls): Do sanity checking, dead blocks removal,
update SSA form.
(tree_function_verioning): Update initialize_cfun.
Index: tree-inline.c
*** tree-inline.c (revision 119454)
--- tree-inline.c (working copy)
*************** Boston, MA 02110-1301, USA. */
*** 49,54 ****
--- 49,55 ----
#include "debug.h"
#include "pointer-set.h"
#include "ipa-prop.h"
+ #include "tree-pass.h"
/* I'm not real happy about this, but we need to handle gimple and
non-gimple trees. */
*************** insert_decl_map (copy_body_data *id, tre
*** 140,145 ****
--- 141,190 ----
(splay_tree_value) value);
+ /* Construct new SSA name for old one. */

Document the arguments.

+ static tree
+ remap_ssa_name (tree name, copy_body_data *id)
+ {
+ tree new;
+ splay_tree_node n;
+ + gcc_assert (TREE_CODE (name) == SSA_NAME);
+ + n = splay_tree_lookup (id->decl_map, (splay_tree_key) name);
+ if (n)
+ return (tree) n->value;
+ + /* Do not set DEF_STMT yet as statement might not get copied. */
+ new = remap_decl (SSA_NAME_VAR (name), id);

What?  If you are copying the SSA name, why wouldn't you copy the
statement that defined it?  Is this name going to become a default

+   /* We might've substituted constant or another SSA_NAME for
+      the variable.  */
+   if ((TREE_CODE (new) == VAR_DECL || TREE_CODE (new) == PARM_DECL)
+       /* Replace the SSA name representing RESULT_DECL by variable during
+ 	 inlining:  this saves us from need to introduce PHI node in a case
+ 	 return value is just partly initialized.  */

Move this comment before the if().  It's better to have a longer
description before the whole if() than break appart the flow of the
predicates with extraneous commentary.  Additionally, I have no idea
what you were trying to say in that comment.

+       && (TREE_CODE (SSA_NAME_VAR (name)) != RESULT_DECL
+ 	  || !id->transform_return_to_modify))
+     {
+       new = make_ssa_name (new, NULL);
+       insert_decl_map (id, name, new);
+       if (IS_EMPTY_STMT (SSA_NAME_DEF_STMT (name))
+ 	  /* When inlining, parameters are replaced by initialized vars.  */
+ 	  && (TREE_CODE (new) == PARM_DECL || TREE_CODE (name) != PARM_DECL))

How could 'name' be anything other than an SSA_NAME?  '|| TREE_CODE
(name) != PARM_DECL' is trivially true.

+ {
+ SSA_NAME_DEF_STMT (new) = build_empty_stmt ();
+ if (gimple_default_def (id->src_cfun, SSA_NAME_VAR (name)) == name)
+ set_default_def (SSA_NAME_VAR (new), new);
+ }
+ }
+ else
+ insert_decl_map (id, name, new);
+ TREE_TYPE (new) = remap_type (TREE_TYPE (name), id);
+ return new;
+ }
+ /* Remap DECL during the copying of the BLOCK tree for the function. */
*************** remap_decl (tree decl, copy_body_data *i
*** 187,192 ****
--- 232,255 ----
walk_tree (&DECL_QUALIFIER (t), copy_body_r, id, NULL);
+ if (cfun && gimple_in_ssa_p (cfun)
+ && (TREE_CODE (t) == VAR_DECL
+ {
+ tree def;
+ + get_var_ann (t);
+ if (TREE_CODE (decl) != PARM_DECL
+ && (def = gimple_default_def (id->src_cfun, decl)))

+ + /* Global variables we didn't seen yet needs to go into referenced
+ vars. */

s/didn't seen yet needs to/have not seen yet/

+ if (gimple_in_ssa_p (cfun))
+ {
+ ssa_op_iter i;
+ tree def;
+ if (TREE_CODE (def) == SSA_NAME)
+ SSA_NAME_DEF_STMT (def) = stmt;
+ }

So, you set DEF statement for all the remapped names here?  If so,
then I'm not so concerned about setting DEF_STMT to NULL in

return copy_basic_block;
+ /* Inserting Single Entry Multiple Exit region in SSA form into code in SSA
+ form is quite easy, since dominator relationship for old basic blocks does
+ not change.
+ + There is however exception where inlining might change dominatorships across
+ EH edges from basic block within inlined functions destinating to landging
+ pads in function we inline into.
Rephrase. It's unclear what you are trying to say here.

+    It is safe to mark PHI_RESULT of such PHI nodes for renaming; the EH edges
+    are abnormal and SSA_NAME_OCCURS_IN_ABNORMAL_PHI must be set.

Add something like 'this means, that there will be no overlapping live
ranges for the underlying symbol."

+    This might change in future if we allow redirecting of EH edges and
+    we might want to change way build CFG pre-inlining to include
+    all the possible edges then.  */

You don't seem to be documenting what the function *does*.
Documentation for BB is also missing.

+ static void
+ update_ssa_across_eh_edges (basic_block bb)
+ {
+ edge e;
+ edge_iterator ei;
+ + FOR_EACH_EDGE (e, ei, bb->succs)
+ if (!e->dest->aux
+ || ((basic_block)e->dest->aux)->index == ENTRY_BLOCK)
+ {
+ tree phi;
+ + gcc_assert (e->flags & EDGE_EH);
+ for (phi = phi_nodes (e->dest); phi; phi = PHI_CHAIN (phi))
+ {
+ (PHI_RESULT (phi)));
+ mark_sym_for_renaming
+ }
+ }
+ }
+ /* Copy edges from BB into its copy constructed earlier, scale profile
accordingly. Edges will be taken care of later. Assume aux
pointers to point to the copies of each BB. */
*************** copy_edges_for_bb (basic_block bb, int c
*** 821,826 ****
--- 940,947 ----
copy_stmt = bsi_stmt (bsi);
update_stmt (copy_stmt);
+ if (gimple_in_ssa_p (cfun))
+ mark_new_vars_to_rename (copy_stmt);

Careful here.  This has disappeared.  You *could* use
mark_symbols_for_renaming, but that only works if the symbols you want
to rename are not wrapped in SSA names in the operands.  What symbols
are you trying to mark for renaming here?

+ /* Copy the PHIs.  All blocks and edges was copied, some blocks
+    was possibly splited and new outgoing EH edges inserted.


+    BB points to the block of original function and AUX pointers links
+    the original and newly copied blocks.  */


+ /* Build struct function and associated datastructures for the new clone
+    to be build.  */

You need to document the arguments.

+      We might want to introduce a notion that single SSA_NAME might
+      represent multiple variables for purposes of debugging. */

No. Lord, no.

+   if (gimple_in_ssa_p (cfun) && rhs && def && is_gimple_reg (p)
+       && (TREE_CODE (rhs) == SSA_NAME
+ 	  /* Replacing &""[0] has interesting side effects.  Exclude ADDR_EXPRs
+ 	     now.  */

What are those side effects?  Again, I'd rather have this comment
before the if().  Though, I guess I can't win this argument as I see
lots of instances like this one sprinkled all over the place.

! 	  def = remap_ssa_name (def, id);
!           init_stmt = build2 (MODIFY_EXPR, TREE_TYPE (var), def, rhs);


! /* FIXME: rewriting random variables in SSA form is going
! to cause missoptimizations once we start optimizing. !
I don't understand this.  Why would we have mis-optimizations?  Show
me sample code?

!     {
!       /* Handle case of inlining function that miss return statement so return value becomes
!          undefined.  */

Line wrapping.

! if (TREE_CODE (stmt) == MODIFY_EXPR


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