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Re: PR target/30213 (x86 memset if wrong for small block sizes)

Hi Jan,

On Tue, 19 Dec 2006, Jan Hubicka wrote:
> 	PR target/30213
> 	* i386.c (expand_setmem_epilogue): Fix formating.
> 	(dsmalest_pow2_greater_than): New function.
> 	(ix86_expand_movmem): Improve comments; avoid re-computing of
> 	epilogue size.
> 	(promote_duplicated_reg_to_size): Break out from ...
> 	(expand_setmem): ... this one; reorganize promotion code;
> 	improve comments; avoid recomputation of epilogue size.

Some comments...

> !    profitable.  expand_clrmem contains similar code.  The code is depends
> !    on architecture and epilogue, but is aways has the same overall
> !    structure:

"The code depends upon architecture and alignment, but always has the same
overall structure:"

> !       also needed for correctness, since prologue assume the blocks is
> !       greater than desired alignment.

"... since prologue assume the block is larger than the desrired

> !       to DESIRED_ALIGN.  It is emit only when ALIGN is smaller and up to
> !       DESIRED_ALIGN - ALIGN bytes can be copied.

"It is emitted only when ALIGN is less than DESIRED_ALIGN and ..."

> !       We emit either jump tree on power of two sized blocks, or a byte loop.

"We emit either a jump tree ..."

> !   /* Step 0: decide on preffered algorithm, desired alignment and
> !      size of chunks to be copied by main loop.  */

"Step 0: Decide on preferred algorithm ..."  We capitalize the first
letter after "Step N:" in all the other comments.

> !       /* Epilogue always copy COUNT_EXP & EPILOGUE_SIZE_NEEDED bytes.

"Epilogue always copies COUNT_EXP & ..."

> !       /* When the main loop was done, COUNT_EXP might hold original count,
> !  	 while we want to copy only COUNT_EXP & SIZE_NEEDED bytes.

"When the main loop is done, ..."

> + /* Duplicate value VAL using promote_duplicated_reg into maximal size that will
> +    be needed by main loop copygin SIZE_NEEDED chunks and prologue getting
> +    allignment from ALIGN to DESIRED_ALIGN.  */

"... copying ... alignment ... "

>   /* Expand string clear operation (bzero).  Use i386 string operations when
> !    profitable.  See expand_movmem comment for explanation of individual
> !    steps performed..  */

"... steps performed.  */"

[Most of these typos are then repeated in the new comments in the memset

Ok for mainline with those changes.


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