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Re: libgcc move to the top level

On Tue, Dec 19, 2006 at 04:22:35PM -0800, Mike Stump wrote:
> One other random comment, I'd be nice to be able to do an rm -rf gcc  
> and build just libgcc, quickly, with the installed gcc compiler...   
> Same goes for all the runtime libraries.  Initially, would be nice to  
> pick a trivial target and flex the mechanism to be able to work in  
> this fashion for that one target.

Yes, this is already my plan.  It is not going to happen too quickly,
but if someone works on it for a particular target - trivial or not -
it shouldn't be too hard to do.  You'd think the tricky part would be
handling shared libgcc, but actually I've already moved a sizeable
chunk of the shared libgcc code to the new directory.

Bootstrapping an entire GNU/Linux target system right now involves
several builds of GCC - as many as three.  I want to cut that down,
build the compiler first and at most a preliminary libgcc, and then
rebuild libgcc after glibc.

Daniel Jacobowitz

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