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Re: [MinGW] Set NATIVE_SYSTEM_HEADER_DIR relative to configured prefix

Bob Rossi wrote:

> OK. Thanks Brian. I'll admit this is new to me, so I could be making
> some stupid mistakes here. Basically, I needed wchar_t support with
> mingw, and I was told that this works with the 4.x series. Which indeed
> it does! So, I went to this page,
> and downloaded the most recent release. Is that not the proper thing to
> do?

That's fine if you just want a stable compiler.  But the question you
are asking seems to have morphed into "does support for a relocatable
compiler on MinGW currently work" and for any kind of "what is the state
of the code" sort of thing, you want to look at the current code (aka
HEAD aka 4.3) and not the code on a release branch, which tends to be
fairly static.  Because if you find that something doesn't work, then
you are left wondering if it is still broken in the current sources or
if it was just broken on that release branch.

> Well, it's about time someone solves them, don't you think? I'm here to
> make a little noise I guess :). Unfortunatly, hacking gcc isn't really
> my thing.
> I'm wondering if I should try building gcc-3.4.2 to see if I can get a
> relocatable version of gcc, or a version of gcc that works at all.
> If I can, that would at least be a starting point, even though gcc-3.4.2
> is useless to me.

Comparing 3.4 to 4.x won't really tell you much, there have been so many
changes.  The gcc packages on the MinGW site are already relocatable
(you can extract them anywhere and they work fine) and you can see
exactly how they're built with the included build script.  If anything
this just implies to me that the code to support this has bitrotted, or
there is some new bug.


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