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ISO_C_BINDING patch commited to fortran-experiments branch

Hi all,

I commited Christopher Rickett's patch adding support for
ISO_C_BINDING features to the newly created fortran-experiments
branch. Sorry it took so long, I hope I could merge Paul Thomas' VALUE
patch in before commiting, but it's not possible for me right now.

Everyone is welcome to test the ISO_C_BINDING support on as much code
as possible. Help is also needed to both reformat the added code (to
fit into the current GCC formatting rules and the gfortran internal
naming scheme) and rework some parts of it (I think some things could
be done more easily, and some other could be done more robustly). But
the main point is: play with it, read the diff, comment and ask
questions (both to Christopher and to the list).

The only rule: please comment every change you commit to the branch in

Sorry for the delay,

PS: the commands to check the branch out are: + Anonymous checkout: svn co svn:// + Logging in as developper: svn co svn+ssh://

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