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Re: [patch, fortran] PR30014 INQUIRE (iolength = xx) limited to kind=4

Thomas Koenig wrote:
On Fri, Dec 15, 2006 at 09:30:56PM -0800, Jerry DeLisle wrote:


Hi Jerry,


Also, should I increase size parameter as well? Any opinions?

We already have an incompatible change for 4.2 (the memory allocation interface), so I tend to think we should put this into 4.2 a well.

I think regression-tests on 32-bit systems are necessary for
this, if at all possible also on big- and little endian machines.

I agree on the tests, need to find someone with such machines. However, on back porting to 4.2, we were trying to follow stricter rules on back porting. I see the positive side of keeping 4.2 in sync with 4.3 on the one hand and following the release rules on the other. I will let others decide on this.

Jerry DeLisle wrote:
:ADDPATCH fortran:

The attached patch changes the type to GFC_IO_INT which will either be kind=4 or kind=8 depending on the system. The patch is very straight forward. I don't see any point giving a warning if a user specifies a variable of kind=8 in a -std=f95 situation. If others feel stronger about this I will do it.

If it is something that can be diagnosed easily, I'd be in favor doing the warning.

OK, I will look into it. It should not be too difficult.

A test case for this will require a lot of memory and consumes time. I suggest we go without one for this. I have attached the test case that I used to check this out.

I don't quite understand why it would take so long. Did it actually do so during your testing? Would it do the same for an allocatable array?

I was thinking that We would have to create an output list greater than 2 gbyte so that the IOLENGTH resulting is an integer large enough to require KIND=8, similar to testing the sub-record patch. Doing that, the test may fail on smaller machines. We already have test cases for smaller output lists I believe. The time to allocate the huge array would not be bad, but noticeable.

Thanks for feedback,


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