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Re: PR 30089: Fix ICE in operand allocation

On 12/14/06, Andrew MacLeod <> wrote:
On Thu, 2006-12-14 at 07:31 -0500, Diego Novillo wrote:
> Jan Hubicka wrote on 12/14/06 05:33:

> > Hi,
> > I would say that this patch is the most likely suspect for memory
> > increase reported for this night. (memory tester jammed, so there are
> > quite few patches cumulated together).
> > It is 12% for insn-attrtrab, but we are still bellow memory usage before
> > your merge and above memory usage before original Daniel's aliasing
> > fixes (that was about 100MB, now we are almost 130)
> >
> It may be, yes.  We shouldn't need the static buffer for long,
> hopefully.  Andrew is changing this code.  I will try to adjust it down
> in the meantime.

It would be odd if this was responsible for a measurable increase in
memory.  Its simply the size of the buffer we create to sub-allocate
operands out of.

Err - how could we then ICE running out of space there? Why don't we simply allocate another one?

I'm sure I'm missing something...


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