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Re: [PATCH] Make CSE path following use the CFG

David Daney wrote:
Steven Bosscher wrote:
On 12/11/06, Steven Bosscher <> wrote:

Fortunately, there appears to be a more serious problem than the typo.

And another one, where I intended to traverse the CFG in topological
sort, and I actually asked for a DFS sort.

 For CC0-targets, we clear prev_insn_cc0 too early now.  I've hacked
together the attached patch, but I can't test it right now (0:00 AM,
work tomorrow, etc.). I wanted to post it anyway because maybe it
helps people forward, and maybe someone can help me by testing this on
a CC0-target;-)

The patch below *should* fix both the CC0 problems and the HPPA/MIPSEL
problems.   I have built an AVR cross-compiler with this, and I have
verified that the test case from PR30149 does not ICE anymore with
this patch.  I have asked for some assistance to have this patch
bootstrapped&tested properly.

For the Ada issue I'll wait for Eric to come up with a test case.
That failure is probably caused by a replacement that makes EH edges
unnecessary, but I have no idea where that would happen.

I just started a bootstrap on mipsel-linux of r119726 + this patch.

I should know if this fixes my problem by the end of the week as a bootstrap takes me several days.

David Daney
The bootstrap proceeded past the point of the ICE when compiling c-decl.c. So I think this patch fixed that problem.

Unfortunately it died a short time later with another problem that has already been fixed on the trunk. I will update my entire tree to the HEAD of the trunk and try again.

Thanks for fixing this in a timely manner,

David Daney

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