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Re: Merging mem-ssa into mainline

Zdenek Dvorak wrote on 12/11/06 11:00:

Nevertheless, I of course do not have any authority to dictate you what
should or should not be done.  If you believe that the effort needed to
create separate patches overweights the advantages, it is up to you to
decide (or if you are unsure, perhaps asking global maintainers for
their opinion would be a good idea).

No, I am POSITIVE that this is a bad idea in this case. The changes are logically independent but the implementation makes them interdependent. The DCE patches for instance assume that there are no more V_MUST_DEFs, the DSE changes use the new multi-operand VOPs. The implementation of push/pop also uses the new VOPs.

It is a lot more efficient for me to standby the whole set of changes in case anything goes wrong. The only reason why I haven't checked it in yet, was because of your complaint. I have received no other complaints.

I have already bootstrapped the patch on x86, x86-64, ia64 and ppc64, build SPEC2000 and build all the test-cases in my sandbox.

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