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Re: [PATCH]: Fix alias grouping of name tags.

On 10 Dec 2006 19:54:35 -0800, Ian Lance Taylor <> wrote:
Eric Botcazou <> writes:

> > I've already said why i disagree that it is non-obvious, and not to
> > belabor the pointer, but:
> > I think it's actually obvious to since it is just used for sorting a
> > list of pointers and removing duplicates.
> The problem is of course that the resulting order "escapes" from the piece of
> code if there are duplicates in the list so, asumming this case, if you enter
> compact_name_tags with the exact same lists on different hosts, you can exit
> with lists sorted differently.  That this doesn't have any impact whatsoever
> on code generation is IMHO non-obvious.

I think you are both talking past each other. Eric, I agree that a comment would be appropriate. However, I think Danny is correct that you should write that comment. The code is obvious to Danny, so he won't write the right comment. Eric, you should have enough information to write the comment at this point.

Actually, off list I told eric i would just change the sorting function to avoid any confusion, and then sent the patch and committed (r119714) after bootstrapping and testing.

It doesn't seem to have reached gcc-patches yet though, which is odd.


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