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Re: How can we know about version of gcc? wrote:
if i want to know about version of gcc, for which patch has been submitted
? than how should i know?
Specifically the patch named "[tree-ssa, RFC] new, very experimental
at 5th jan 2004 , for which version it is submitted?
Is it applicable for gcc-4.0.2?

Help me soon to figure it out......

Patches, unless otherwise documented, are generally for the version in current development when the patch was submitted. This one, with "tree-ssa" in the title, means that it was for the "tree-ssa" branch rather than the main development version.

Thus, the only really meaningful answer is that this particular patch was submitted for the version of GCC that existed on 2004-01-05 in the "tree-ssa" code branch. This almost certainly does not correspond very closely to any released version.

If you look at the timeline at, it shows that 5th January 2004 was shortly before the GCC 3.4 branch. Thus, most likely, GCC 3.4.0 will be the closest released version to the version that patch was submitted for, but it is still probably substantially different.

Further, in this case, there's a note on the timeline that on May 17th, 2004, the "tree-ssa" branch was merged into mainline (that is, into the main development version), and the result eventually became GCC 4.0. Thus, I would guess that this particular patch -- or something like it, or something better -- was already included in GCC 4.0.0 when it was released.

- Brooks

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