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Re: How can we know about version of gcc?

On Dec 9, 2006, at 1:04 AM, wrote:
if i want to know about version of gcc, for which patch has been submitted
? than how should i know?
Specifically the patch named "[tree-ssa, RFC] new, very experimental
ssa-vn" at 5th jan 2004 , for which version it is submitted?

That isn't the canonical way to reference past emails, the canonical way would be to find the email in the web mailing list archive and quote the http://... address for it.

The canonical answer is, the mainline as of that date. You can use svn to check out the sources as of that date, if you'd like to see them.

Is it applicable for gcc-4.0.2?

Hard question in general to answer, The canonical answer is you can ask patch, but saying patch --dry-run -p0 <patch in the 4.0.2 tree and if it applies, then apply it and do a build and testsuite run, if that works with no regressions the answer is yes, if not, the answer is no.

Help me soon to figure it out......

This list is for people that would like to be helped on figuring out how to answer it for yourself. :-)

Also, since this isn't a patch, you've also selected the wrong list, gcc is the correct one.

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