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Re: [PATCH] Fix PR middle-end/28690, indexed load/store performance + reload bug

-  return (commutative_operand_precedence (x)
-	  < commutative_operand_precedence (y));
+  int precedence_x = commutative_operand_precedence (x);
+  int precedence_y = commutative_operand_precedence (y);
+  /* Everything else being equal, preference registers with pointers
+     over registers without pointers.  This is desirable for performance
+     reasons on indexed load/store instructions for some processors.  */
+  if ((precedence_x == precedence_y)
+      && REG_P (x) && !REG_POINTER (x)
+      && REG_P (y) && REG_POINTER (y))
+    return 1;
+  return precedence_x < precedence_y;

This patch does not necessarily work. You should change other users of commutative_operand_precedence to agree with the new definition of swap_commutative_operands_p.

The issue of the relative order of objects is quite thorny. The problem is that GCC prefers to have (set X (op X Y)) rather than (set X (op Y X)). This blocks the possibility to give a different precedence to MEMs and REGs (and in turn, this would allow to have a different precedence for REGs depending on REG_POINTER). I think that this patch is not going to be safe unless the underlying problems with (set X (op Y X)) are fixed.

To see an example of the issue, try changing these instructions in swap_commutative_operands_with_target:

  /* With equal precedence, both orders are ok, but it is better if the
     first operand is TARGET, or if both TARGET and OP0 are pseudos.  */
  if (target == 0 || REG_P (target))
    return (REG_P (op1) && !REG_P (op0)) || target == op1;
    return rtx_equal_p (op1, target);

to just "return false". crafty from SPEC2000 should degrade a lot on x86.


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