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Re: [Patch, fortran] PR27996 and PR29978 - warnings and errors on character lengths

Hi Paul,

Paul Thomas wrote:
> +       if (array && slen < len)
> + 	gfc_notify_std (GFC_STD_F2003, "F95 requires the CHARACTER elements "
> + 			"of the array constructor at %L to have the same "
> + 			"length (%d/%d)", &expr->where, slen, len);
And as Fortran 2003 requires the same you should use GFC_STD_GNU.
"4.7 Construction of array values
"C494 (R466) If type-spec is omitted, each ac-value expression in the
array-constructor shall have the same type and kind type parameters.
"NOTE 4.72
"An example of an array constructor that specifies a length type parameter:
(/ CHARACTER(LEN=7) :: ’Takata’, ’Tanaka’, ’Hayashi’ /)
In this constructor, without the type specification, it would have been
necessary to specify all of the constants with the same character length."

g95, NAG f95 and sunf95 always reject these; ifort accepts them and only
outputs a warning with -stand f03 or f95.
Maybe one should output a (default?) warning for -std=gnu?

> +   character(10) :: b(3)= (/ 'Takata ', 'Tanaka', 'Hayashi' /) 
> +   a =  (/ 'Takata', 'Tanaka ', 'Hayashi' /) ! { dg-error "F95 requires" }

What is the difference between a and b? Or asking differently: Why is
the error detected for "a" and not for "b"?


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