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Re: [patch, libgomp, docs] adding documentation to libgomp

Daniel Franke wrote on 11/23/06 18:09:

2006-11-24 Daniel Franke <>

PR libgomp/28209
* libgomp.texi: New file.
* Add --enable-generated-files-in-srcdir option.
* Add info, dvi, pdf, html targets. On request, copy files to srcdir.
* Regenerated.
* Regenerated.
* testsuite/ Regenerated.
* NOTES: Removed.

First, thank you very much for documenting this.  I believe there is
some bugzilla PR that you are fixing with this patch.  Second, do you
have an FSF copyright assignment?

I can't approve the configury bits.  The documentation looks OK with
some changes below.  You'll need to have a doc maintainer go over the
texinfo formatting.

--- (revision 119061)
+++ (working copy)
@@ -21,6 +21,20 @@
permit yes|no|default)
+# We would like to our source tree to be readonly. However when releases or

s/to our/our/

+* omp_get_dynamic::          Whether Dynamic Teams Are Enabled
+* omp_get_max_threads::      Maximum Number Of Threads
+* omp_get_nested::           Whether Nested Parallel Regions Are Enabled
+* omp_get_num_procs::        Number Of Processors Online
+* omp_get_num_threads::      Size Of The Active Team
+* omp_get_thread_num::       Current Thread ID
+* omp_in_parallel::          Whether A Parallel Region is Active
+* omp_set_dynamic::          Enable/Disable Dynamic Teams
+* omp_set_nested::           Enable/Disable Nested Parallel Regions
+* omp_set_num_threads::      Set Upper Team Size Limit
+@end menu
Does the right column need to be capitalized like that?  It looks
pretty bad.  Likewise in other menus.

+@node omp_get_dynamic
+@section @code{omp_get_dynamic} -- Whether Dynamic Teams Are Enabled
Dynamic teams setting

+@table @asis
+@item @emph{Description}:
+Whether the dynamic adjustment of the number of threads within a +team is enabled or not.

Remove this.

The function returns @code{true} if enabled,

+@code{false} otherwise. Here, @code{true} and @code{false} represent +their language-specific counterparts.

+@node omp_get_max_threads
+@section @code{omp_get_max_threads} -- Maximum Number Of Threads
+@table @asis
+@item @emph{Description}:
+The maximum number of threads in a team if a parallel region
+without a @code{num_threads} clause would be encountered.
Return the maximum number of threads used for parallel regions that do
not use the clause @code{num_threads}.

+@item @emph{C/C++}:
+@multitable @columnfractions .20 .80
+@item @emph{Prototype}: @tab @code{int omp_get_max_threads();}
+@end multitable
+@item @emph{Fortran}:
+@multitable @columnfractions .20 .80
+@item @emph{Interface}: @tab @code{integer function omp_get_max_threads()}
+@end multitable
+@item @emph{See also}:
+@ref{omp_set_num_threads}, @ref{omp_set_dynamic}
+@item @emph{Reference}:
+@uref{, OpenMP specifications v2.5}, section 3.2.3.
+@end table
+@node omp_get_nested
+@section @code{omp_get_nested} -- Whether Nested Parallel Regions Are Enabled
				     Nested parallel regions

+@table @asis
+@item @emph{Description}:
+Whether nested parallel regions, i. e. team member spawning new teams, is
+enabled or not. The function returns @code{true} if enabled, @code{false}
+otherwise. Here, @code{true} and @code{false} represent their language-specific
This function returns @code{true} if nested parallel regions are

+@node omp_set_lock
+@section @code{omp_set_lock} -- Wait For And Set Simple Lock
+@table @asis
+@item @emph{Description}:
+Simple locks about to be set must not be uninitialized. The calling thread
  I don't know what you are trying to say here.

+@node omp_unset_lock
+@section @code{omp_unset_lock} -- Unset Simple Lock
+@table @asis
+@item @emph{Description}:
+Simple locks about to be unset must not be in a locked state and held by
Better move this to the end of the paragraph

+the thread executing the routine. The lock becomes unlocked. If one ore more
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^  ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

+threads attempted to set the lock before, one of them is chosen to, again, +set the lock for itself.
+@node omp_test_nest_lock
+@section @code{omp_test_nest_lock} -- Test And Set Nested Lock If Available
+@table @asis
+@item @emph{Description}:
+Nested locks about to be set must not be uninitialized. Contrary to
This needs rephrasing.

+@code{omp_set_nest_lock}, @code{omp_test_nest_lock} does not block if +the lock is not available. If the lock is already hold by the current


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