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Re: Forbid __builtin_return_address when inlining

Jakub Jelinek writes:
 > On Mon, Nov 27, 2006 at 03:15:35PM +0000, Andrew Haley wrote:
 > >  > Hmm, OK.  But if I fixed the peculiar behavour then I could also
 > >  > remove the peculiar documentation, couldn't I?  That would surely be
 > >  > an improvement.,,
 > > 
 > > Just to clarify: it's really easy for me just to fix this in the Java
 > > langauge front-end, but that seems a little selfish.
 > But is that really a fix?  The current behavior lets the user choose
 > what he prefers (i.e. either use __builtin_return_address and not
 > noinline attribute and understand it will return the address of the
 > caller of whatever this fuction has been inlined into), or use
 > __builtin_return_address and noinline.

You could say the same about __builtin_return() and some of its
friends, but we forbid those.

 > Changing this could break existing uses as well as take away
 > one option from the users.

I really doubt that it could break existing uses, but OK.  Seems like
a well-documented bug to me.  Fair enough, I'll fix it in the Java
language FE.


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