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Re: RFA/RFC: Adding support for gmp and mpfr sources in the build tree

Hi Mark,

Unless/until the top-level configury does a "staged install", we'll be
depending on the build directory structure of these libraries.  We don't
control that, and we know they change from time to time.  So, it sounds
like we'll be right back to the switches we've just agreed to remove
(e.g., --with-gmp-dir).  So, I think this is a bad idea.

Actually I thought that --with-gmp-dir was still in ? (Or maybe I missed a post about it being removed in the future).

I agree that the patch I wrote is dependent upon the layout of the gmp and mpfr build directories. But at least this version of the patch will not cause any problems for users who do not have either the gmp or mpfr sources installed in their source tree. So the only people who would be affected by a change in the gmp or mpfr build layout would be people who are using an integrated and up-to-date source tree, and I expect that they would be very quick to detect any fix any such layout problems.

+ # start-sanitize-redhat

Of course, those markers should be removed, if the patch goes in.

Doh! Of course. (Cut and paste error, sorry).


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