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Re: [Patch, fortran] PR29642 - Fortran 2003: VALUE Attribute (pass by value)

myself -freview -pedantic
Second space between "2006-11-23" and "Paul" is missing ;-)
oops.... and for every commit that I have made since...., well I am not sure.

Otherwise: regtested on x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu.

* value_4.c
You use "f_to_f__" on my computer this does not work I need
"f_to_f_" (one tailing underscore).
That's with -ff2c ?  If so, something is badly wrong - this also implies
-fsecond-under-score.  Look at the dg-options line
Using -std=f2003 does not work anymore since Tobias Schlüter
changed the initialization expression check. (see my next email):

(compiled with -std=f2003)
type(mytype) :: dt = mytype (acos(0.0), "lmno")
Error: Extension: Evaluation of nonstandard initialization expression at (1)
I will follow the advice at the end of that thread :-)

Subject to confirmation from you that all works with -ff2c, I will
commit this tonight.

Best regards and thanks


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